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Types of Assignment

How to start, plan and structure your work

Annotated bibliography: Things you need to know...

An annotated bibliography provides the following details to illustrate the quality and appropriateness of your text:

  • Concise summary of the resources used for the academic work.
  • Comments about why and how you have used the information.
  • A list and a brief critical analysis (annotation) of the research you have used, often presented in a tabular format.
  • Full bibliographic details in the referencing style of your subject should be used (Havard, APA,  Oscola).   

Include specific information such as: 

  • Author - who wrote the text? why? what experience have they?
  • Brief summary of text - what are the aims and conclusions made?
  • Why did you use this information - mention: reliability of the research; who was the intended audience? why did you like this text? what were the limitations of the text?



Look at Staffordshire University Library's RefZone.