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Types of Assignment

How to start, plan and structure your work

Report: Things you need to know...

Reports are usually written to record the methodology, results and conclusions of an investigation (this may be as a result of primary research (often practical and undertaken by you) or secondary (analysis of current literature and evidence)

They are written for easy reading and discussion so headings, sub-headings, numbering, bullet points, images, tables and graphs can all be used.  Use concise, business-like language so that the reader of your report can easily understand.

Reports can be written in a variety of ways, there is not just one correct way (check assignment guidelines). A report may consist of sections such as:

  1. Title  - be specific.
  2. Introduction – aim(s), objectives and why this is an important area for investigation?
  3. Methodology – what you did to investigate and/or research this subject?
  4. Findings and discussion – what you found out and what the findings mean?
  5. Conclusions – what conclusions you made? 
  6. Recommendations - if needed.
  7. References
  8. Appendices



Need to know more...

Try doing an advanced search, for example "report writing" + business in order to find resources appropriate to your subject area.