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Types of Assignment

How to start, plan and structure your work

Essay: Things you need to know...

An essay:

  • Has a definite structure - all essays should have an introduction, main body and conclusion.
  • Is based upon researched fact not personal opinion - your tutor wants you to interrogate a range of experts and structure your essay on evidence based facts.
  • Is precisely and concisely written - you should make every word count and not include any distracting or irrelevant information.
  • Requires proofreading several times to check for spelling, punctuation, grammar, structure and (most importantly) meets your assignment criteria.
  • Will be assessed against set module learning outcomes. 


Need to know more...

There are many books in the library about this subject . Look around Dewey number 808 OR search the library catalogue. It maybe useful to use an advanced search for example essay writing + science in order to find resources appropriate to your subject.

Video Essays

The video essay generally have the same components as an essay; 

  • Introduction
  • Main body argument /discussion (chapters)
  • Conclusion


Students should be encouraged to approach the development of the video essay in the same manner as their academic essays; plan, prepare, research, write, edit and submit.

Word-limit of Written Essay Expected Length of Video Essay
1500-2000 words 8-10 minutes
2000-2500 words 10-15 minutes
4000-6000 words 15-20 minutes



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