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Types of Assignment

How to start, plan and structure your work

Academic poster: Things you need to know...

You have been asked to produce a academic poster as a method to display your research.  This is a common method used within many professions to publicise information and ideas.

  • Plan the content - identify the main message and key points.  Think about how you are going to capture and hold the attention of your audience.
  • Plan the visual content - think about whether the content works best as text or a graphic.  Plan your design noting the point of entry and the logical flow of the information.  How are you going to ensure your audience knows how to read your poster?
  • Create  - create your poster, for example using PowerPoint. 
  • Proof read the contents and edit as necessaryEnsure that your spellings, grammar and referencing are correct.  Check the print quality and readability of the poster.
  • Remember: academic posters contain academic information and therefore need to be formal, structured and include citations and references (the final box/image on your poster needs to be a reference list).



LinkedIn Learning Resources

linkedin learning promotional imageLinkedIn Learning offers online courses and videos to support a wide range of personal, technical and creative skills.

Have a look at our Academic Posters Collection for some recommended resources.

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