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Information Literacy Guide

Learn all about different sources of information

Academic Library?

An academic library is a specialised library that is affiliated with an educational institution and serves the information and research needs of students, faculty, and staff at that institution. Academic libraries are distinct from public libraries in that their primary mission is to support the academic and research endeavours of their parent institutions.

These libraries house extensive collections of books, academic journals, periodicals, electronic resources, and other materials that are relevant to the subjects and disciplines taught and studied at the institution. 

In addition to their collections, academic libraries often offer various services and resources to support research and learning, including reference services, interlibrary loan programs, access to online databases and journals, computer workstations, and spaces for group collaboration. Librarians in academic libraries are typically trained to assist users in finding and using information effectively, and they often play a critical role in information literacy education.

Academic libraries play a crucial role in supporting the educational and research missions of their affiliated institutions, and they are valuable resources for students, faculty, and researchers in their pursuit of knowledge and academic excellence.

About Staffordshire Libraries

Your University Library is first and foremost a digital library meaning you can access your learning and research resources when and where you want. We have made significant investments in a new library management system to make it easier to find the resources you need, and in many more online resources such as e-books and databases. Find your resources in your module reading lists, visit your subject guide page or use Library Search.

You do of course still have access to a large selection of print books and journals. We have been working to bring your ‘physical’ libraries up to date and to locate them on campus where you need them.

The new and redeveloped libraries are:

  • Library Core (formerly Ashley 1 lecture theatres)
  • Library Catalyst (Click & Collect facility now open)
  • Library Creative (ground floor of Blackstone accessible through Cadman Courtyard)
  • Library Centre for Health Innovation (Blackheath Lane, Stafford)