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Information Literacy Guide

Learn all about different sources of information

Finding Resources - Basic Search Information

In the pursuit of information, there are various avenues to discover and access informational resources. The Information Cycle shows the progression of information generation, building upon preceding ideas, concepts, and issues.

Contextual Sources reside predominantly within the public sphere and typically lack scientific endorsement. They mirror prevalent viewpoints and discussions within society but might not be underpinned by empirical evidence.

Contrastingly, Academic Sources belong to the specialised sphere and are fortified by thorough research and substantiated evidence. These sources encompass validated and peer-reviewed information, forming the bedrock for scholarly discourse and informed comprehension.

Whilst it would be helpful if academic sources and contextual sources could be located in one location due to varied nature or the content and media they are often found grouped by subject. The Library gives you access to a range of academic and contextual sources so that you can select the resources which suit your assignment and research need.

The Library groups products by media type:

  1. Library Search: Certain suppliers listed by product. Form restrictions apply e.g. print.
  2. A-Z of Resources: All suppliers listed alphabetically. All media types available.

Tip: Library Search predominantly has more "academic" products whereas the A-Z has more media products which are both academic and contexual.