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Academic Skills Team: A guide for staff

Copyright Guidance

It is likely that you will be reusing content within your teaching and that you will have considerations with respect to the intellectual property within the material you are using, to make sure the rights of the author are protected.

Copyright is a legally enforceable property right that makes it possible for the holder of that right to profit from a work. It does this by preventing others from exploiting the work without the rightsholder’s say so for a period of time. Copyright protects the expression of ideas but not the idea itself.

For a work to gain copyright protection it has to be original and should be expressed in a fixed form - for example, in writing (whether in print or electronic). Copyright becomes effective at the time of the creation of the work. It arises automatically in the UK. Individuals who want to reproduce the original work of others may need to seek permission to do so.

The Library provides copyright guidance and support, for staff, students and researchers.