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Academic Skills Team: A guide for staff

Library and Academic Skills Essentials - taught sessions

Poster advertising Library and Academic Skills WorkshopsHave you arranged for your students to take advantage of the taught sessions we offer to cohorts of students at each level? Integrated into your teaching programme these are an excellent way to make sure that your students have the essential skills they need to do well.

A series of 3 workshops (one suitable for students at each level of the undergraduate course) designed to be made available to all students, embedded in the context of the course and booked by the academics.

Not all students have access to the same provision and we know that Library and Academic Skills are vital for students to achieve.

This rollout offers academics the chance to book sessions for all students- an attempt to ensure equality of experience across the University.

Book with your library contact. See Meet the team. This Autumn Eleanor Johnston and Jodie Heap are trialing a ‘choose your slot’ system. If you know you wish to book sessions with either of these colleagues please use the book a teaching session page.

3 x 40-minute taught sessions arranged and tailored in liaison with your Library and Academic Skills subject team. 3 levels, one suitable each suitable for levels 4, 5 and 6 and dovetailed to showcase the library resource needs of your particular group of students. 

When do they start?

Taught sessions are now available to book for delivery from September onwards. Discuss the support you'll need with your subject contact.

Get started: delivered year 1, semester 1

Topics can include:

  • beginning research
  • introduction to academic writing
  • time management
  • referencing
  • booking personalised support
  • inclusive access

Advanced skills: delivered by the middle of year 2

Topics can include: 

  • learning from feedback
  • key subject resources
  • improving academic writing
  • improving referencing
  • finding digital help

Guru: delivered prior to students embarking on a major piece of work in year 3

Topics can include:

  • polish your academic writing
  • improving critical writing
  • resources for research
  • reference management
  • time management for bigger projects
  • managing a larger Word document