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Studying at University

Revising for exams: Things you need to know...

Don’t let exams frighten you people can easily become overwhelmed by the thought of having to take examinations. This fact sheet will provide you with some strategies for planning your work so that you feel more in control and able to cope. 

  • Believe you can. 
  • Using information.  Many exams have a combination of describing questions and analytical questions. Make sure you understand the difference and what is expected. 
  • Understand the exam format. 
  • Look at past exams. 
  • Plan what and when to revise. 
  • Develop a range of revision techniques.


Look after yourself - eat, sleep, revise, repeat

Revision techniques:

  • Chunking
  • Visualisation
  • Audio (saying it aloud)
  • Group study question and answer


For more informaiton on Note Taking and Learning Styles check out the Library guides!