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Learning styles: Things you need to know...

We are individual in the way we learn, remember and revise facts. Recognising your preferred learning styles may lead you to be a more effective learner.  Once you are aware of the different learning methods you can plan your learning to include them:

One major theorist is Fleming (2001):

who said individuals learn by a combination of Seeing (Visual), Listening (Aural), Writing and Experiencing (Practising).  So an individual does a combination of these 4 activities to learn. 

  • Visual/Seeing.  Preferred activities: thinks in pictures; likes visual aids such as overhead slides, diagrams, handouts, pictures, graphics.
  • Aural/Listening. Preferred activities: lectures, tapes, discussions, group discussion, web chat,   speaking out aloud and speaking to yourself.
  • Read/Write.  Preferred activities: Information displayed as words, reading, likes lists and journals.
  • Kinaesthetic/ExperiencingPreferred activities: moving, touching, and doing active exploration; science projects; experiments, demonstrations, simulations

Honey and Mumford (1995) have also categorized learning styles into Reflector, Activist, Pragmatist and Theorist:

  • Reflector  learns through observation, thinking, practising before doing
  • Activist – learns through role playing, talking, practising and trying out things
  • Pragmatist – needs to know the link between theory and practice, likes practical problems.
  • Theorist – likes ideas, research, reading before applying research to a problem.

Spend a little time finding out what your preferred learning style is.We have other resources under the tabs on the right which might help you discover how best you like learning.



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