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Studying at University

Time management: Things you need to know...

Do you sometimes lack focus and not leave sufficient time for important things? 

If so, you need to learn how to recognise your avoidance activities and take control.  Develop your time management and organisational skills:

  • Understand where and when you learn best.
  • Break down your work into realistic sections to achieve your goals.
  • Plan and prioritise on an ongoing basis and develop an understanding of what is important and what is urgent.  Remember to allocate work, effort and time to areas with the greatest reward.
  • Organise your diary.  Plan for work , leisure and chores. Be aware of procrastination and time stealing activities.  Be creative and use your time wisely.  For instance: record your revision notes and listen to them on the bus; use your phone to read journals on the train.
  • Look after yourself and try to maintain a healthy work/life balance.



LinkedIn Learning Resources

linkedin learning promotional imageLinkedIn Learning offers online courses and videos to support a wide range of personal, technical and creative skills.

Have a look at our Time Management Collection for some recommended resources.

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