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E-Books Guide 2023


Kortext supply E-Textbooks on a range of subjects and are all "core" resources for an individual course.

The E-Textbooks are accessed via Leganto reading lists and are used in a wide range of modules. They enable students to study anytime, anywhere both independently and collaboratively.

Kortext provides great analytics and insightful data that allow course leaders and library staff to track study patterns and student engagement across the life of the modules.

Kortext How To Use

All Kortext books available to each user can also be found in the bookshelf on the main landing page once each resource has been accessed. E-Textbooks are accessed via individual reading list.


The navigation toolbar on the left of the page allows users to see the contents.


By using the toolbar users can also make notes, add bookmarks and export references.


Clicking on the print icon allows users to see the allowance that is permitted for each resource.


Navigating the pages is easy by using the toolbar in the bottom left hand corner of the page. 


Users can change the colour of the text, typeface and background via the tab in the top right-hand corner of the screen.