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E-Books Guide 2023


Making resources available online has a positive impact on student experience. Ensuring students off campus can access content whilst also meeting various accessibility requirements.

Kindle books are not available for library purchase. This is because academic libraries do not limit the resource to a particular user and multiple users require different licensing agreements with publishers.

Some E-Books may be priced beyond the libraries budget. In these situations, we recommend working with our AST team to consider other options and to see if a similar resource is available via our current subscriptions or via another publisher.

Working in partnership with the AST team and library systems will ensure the correct and relevant resource is found and made available for your students.

E-Book License Models

Credit Model - The Library pays for a specific amount of views for the E-Book.

Subscription Model - The Library pays an annual fee to retain access to the title.

Single User License – The E-Book can be read by one user at a time.

Three User License – The E-Book can be read by three users at a time.

Unlimited License – There are no limits to the number of users at any one time.

Demand Driven Acquisition – DDA are titles that the library pays for once they have been activated and used by a patron.

Enrolment Model - Every student gets their own copy for a specific course.