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E-Books Guide 2023

VLE E-Books

VLE  E-Books can be accessed direct from a reading list or library search (Primo).

Some of the collection allow a "preview" of the E-Book. This allows 5 minutes of browsing time. Once this has ended the user will be returned to the main listing and can decide to read online or download the title. 



Read Online Mode

This option will open the E-Book in a new tab in your preferred web browser.


The user can navigate within the E-Book by clicking table of contents (TOC) on the left-hand side of the screen or by using the search option which allows a search of a specific word or phrase.


The top bar navigation allows users to add bookmarks, configure page layout, zoom in and out, print and choose the option to read aloud.




Multiple notes can be added throughout the text. The integrated dictionary will define any highlighted words and users can paste text or notes into other documents. Copy allowances for each resource will show the user how much text can be copied.


Exporting and sharing notes allows the user to keep all work even when no longer accessing the resource. Simply click export and choose a file name for the word document.


Users can adapt the text to suit individual requirements. Options include line spacing, word spacing and page colour schemes.


Downloading E-Books VLE

To download E-Books via VLE you will be prompted to download Adobe Digital Editions if not already available. A window will appear asking the user how many days they would like the download for. The Library has various loan periods depending on the popularity of the resource. The print allowance and copy allowance is also shown here. 


Reserve an E-Book VLE

Some VLE E-Books have a restriction on concurrent users at any given time. When clicking read online you will be given the option to leave your email address to reserve the book for future. When it is available the user will be notified via email.