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Current issues guide

How to log-in to Jisc Geospatial Data Service

Logging in to your account

Once on the landing page, click on the ‘Account’ button in the far right of the top menu banner:

Note that some website functionality (e.g. the Discover page) is available to all users and there is no requirement to login to your account first.

This will open the right hand menu bar, from which you can click on the ‘Login’ button:

After clicking Login, you may be redirected to the UK Access Management Federation page. This page allows you to access the geospatial data service via your institutions login details.

If required, type the name of your institution in the search box and click continue. You will be taken to your institutions login page where you need to enter your login details for your institution. You will then be logged in to the geospatial data service.