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Current issues guide: Logging in to Your Library Account

Logging in to Your Library Account

Having problems accessing Your Library Account? Please check our handy self-help guide below.


Logging into Your Library Account


1. Go to the library resources homepage:

2. Click on the My Library account link located in the top right-hand corner:











3. If you are a current student or member of staff, please choose the University Single Sign On link:


4. All other users will need to choose the Guest sign in link.

5. Students and Staff - login with your University username and password using the following format:

  1. Students:
  2. Staff:


6. If you have problems accessing your account, please follow the Can’t access your account? link.​

7. If you are still having problems accessing your account after following this option, please contact and include the following information in your email:

  1. Confirmation you have tried the above steps
  2. Screen shot of any error message you are getting
  3. Your username
  4. Best email address for us to respond to

Remember, the more information you send us, the quicker we can resolve the problem

We will then investigate and try to resolve the issue for you.